firstboot. 设置设置代理程序(Setup Agent)是否在系统初次启动时运行。如果为enabled,则必须安装initial-stup包必须被安装。 测试失败,据说 RHEL 5.3 装完后自动重启,未经测试。 #part /u01 --fstype ext3 --size=100 --grow The Clear Master Boot Record option allows you to wipe the MBR from an older hard disk that might have a problem there; it sets up the zerombr yes command in the kickstart file.
He utilizado un archivo kickstart con el comando clearpart --all --initlabel para asegurarse de La solución en CentOS/RHEL es aparentemente añadiendo zerombr de su archivo kickstart.

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Kickstart le permite automatizar la instalación de Linux. [2] Seguimos entonces con la configuracion que teniamos hecha antes para poder continuar con la configuracion de kickstart.
The kickstart file is a simple text file, containing a list of items, each identified by a keyword. You can create it by editing a copy of the README.ks file found in the docs/ directory of a Red Hat Linux CD-ROM, or you can create it from scratch.

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Spacewalk for Oracle® Linux. Client Life Cycle Management Guide for Release 2.2
The example kickstart, fedora-openstack.ks, is only slightly different than the fedora-minimal.ks one. It adds the cloud-init and cloud-utils-growpart packages. OpenStack supports setting up the image using cloud-init, and cloud-utils-growpart will grow the image to fit the instance's disk size. Create a qcow2 image using the kickstart like this:

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zerombr. Clear the Master Boot Record - removes any existing operating system boot loader from your disk. The start of the packages section of the KickStart config file is indicated by the presence of a...
> I am trying to figure out how to get kickstart to install additional > packages, but not succeeding. > > My ks.cfg file was generated by the GUI tool, I added my extra > packages by hand, and the file ends like this: > > #X Window System configuration information > xconfig --depth=24 --resolution=1024x768 --defaultdesktop=GNOME --startxonboot > #Package install information > %packages ...

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zerombr (optional) If "zerombr" is specified, and "yes" is its sole argument, any invalid partition tables found on disks are initialized. This will destroy all of the contents of disks with invalid partition tables. This command should be used as: zerombr yes. No other format is effective.
The zerombr command initializes unused partition tables. Then, the two drives are partitioned to prepare them for RAID configuration. Each drive is divided into five partitions, and each drive is partitioned into an identical layout.

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The solution on CentOS/RHEL is apparently adding zerombr to your kickstart file. You should have these two lines before defining your bootloader location and disk partitioning: zerombr clearpart --initlabel Or use this if you want ALL attached drives to have their partition table wiped. zerombr clearpart --all --initlabel
Kickstart from USB. Post by dcz01 » Mon Aug 31, 2020 3:38 pm Hello, I have an problem installing CentOS 8.2.2004 x64 from USB with kickstart.

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# Install a fresh new system (optional) install # Specify installation method to use for installation # To use a different one comment out the 'url' one below, update # the selected choice with proper options & un-comment it cdrom # # Set language to use during installation and the default language to use on the installed system (required) lang en_US.UTF-8 # Set system keyboard type / layout ...

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The following example Kickstart template describes a basic platform with a small set of packages and two network interfaces: one for provisioning the OS and connection to external infrastructure, and the other for connection to the Integrated Manager for Lustre software management network. An example Kickstart template:
说明: Kickstart服务器系统:CentOS 5.10 64位. IP地址: 需要安装部署的Linux系统:CentOS 5.10 64位. eth0(第一块网卡,用于外网)IP地址段:

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基于Kickstart自动化安装CentOS实践 前言 因为需要在浪潮的x86服务器中集中部署CentOS搭建基于Hadoop的大数据平台,平时接触SLES(SuSE Linux Enterprise Server)较多并且已经实现基于Autoyast方式使用光盘或者PXE网络自动化安装(后续会分享具体实现方法)。

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RHEL Kickstart 安装. 其中 tecmint.bin 是先前创建的 kickstart 文件。 当你按了 Enter 后,自动安装就开始了,且你将看到一个列有正在被安装的软件的列表(软件包的数目和名称根据你所选择的程序和软件包组而有所不同): RHEL 7 的自动化 Kickstart 安装
The following options can be placed in a kickstart file. If you prefer to use a graphical interface for creating your kickstart file, use the Kickstart Configurator application.

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最近は CentOS のインストールは Kickstart でなるべく自動化して GUI でぽちぽちしなくて良いようにしていますが、Kickstart で liveimg というものを使えばインストール自動化だけでなく、あらかじめ作成しておいた rootfs のディレクトリツリーをそのまま展開してインストールすることが…
Network installations become especially powerful when combined with Kickstart files and the Pre-boot eXecution Environment (PXE). In that configuration, all you need to do to install RHEL 6 is boot a...

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Newer versions of kickstart have a --disklabel flag for the clearpart option that can be set to gpt.It appears this was added in Fedora21/RHEL7 so I am not sure if it is available in OL6.
Create a VM (Get a System) with three equal disks and then prepare a kickstart file. Boot from the kickstart file with the following partitioning options: # Partition clearing information clearpart --all # Get rid of MBR (and don't prompt for deletion of disks) zerombr # System bootloader configuration

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이번글은 우분투에서 사용가능한 Kickstart 설정 파일 내용입니다. 데비안 처럼 Preseed를 사용해도 되지만 저는 킥스타트로 설정해서 설치를 하고있습니다. CentOS Kickstart 설정파일과 다른점이라면 NFS 방식..
Listed below are the mandatory options and commands that you must include in each kickstart file: ... zerombr. Cleans all partition tables on disk drives. Note.

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# SCAP Security Guide PCI-DSS profile kickstart for Red Hat Enterprise ... zerombr # The following partition layout scheme assumes disk of size 20GB or larger ...
zerombr 1 zerombr. Specify that the master boot record of the primary drive should be initialized. AUTHOR INFORMATION. Written by Patrick Devine, 2001.

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# Disks bootloader --location=mbr zerombr clearpart --all --initlabel autopart. I wasn't aware it derrived from your kickstart script. That's one nice script you added.

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